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     It is the mission of the Jennie Smith Library to prepare our students to live and work productively as literate citizens in our information-rich society.  Literacy takes many forms.  Information literacy means that our students can find, interpret, and communicate information efficiently and effectively.  Visual literacy means that our students can gather and interpret information from non-print sources and produce an informative visual product that is accurate, appealing, and understandable.  Reading literacy means that our students can read printed text with adequate comprehension to expand their knowledge base and to provide leisure time enjoyment.  The library serves as a repository for the materials and enables the students to learn the skills necessary to access those materials.

Library Services

The library at Jennie Smith School is designed to support the curriculum at every grade level and to provide students with quality children's literature for leisure reading.  Access to our collection is available at school through Destiny, a new web-based program which links all the libraries in Christina District. 


Students at Jennie Smith School exchange books weekly on their scheduled library class day.  The children may select two books to check out, but additional books are permitted for long-term classroom reports.  Children who are absent on their library class day and those who wish to exchange their books may come to the Library any morning from 8:10 to 8:30.  There are no fines for overdue books, but children are encouraged to be considerate and to return books on time.  Lost and damaged books must be replaced in accordance with the Christina School Board policy.  Children who have books not returned at the end of the school year will not be issued report cards until the obligation to pay for them has been met.

Visual Literacy

Visual literacy is an important part of the library curriculum.  In our search for information in this age of technology, more non-print resources such as photographs, charts and tables, diagrams, video presentations, and websites provide information which must be gathered, interpreted, and evaluated.  It is increasingly necessary for our students to learn how to use these sources and to correctly process the information they provide.




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