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                School librarians today find themselves in a unique position of being able to directly influence student achievement on state mandated testing. It is our goal to produce individuals that are capable of accessing information and using it.  We are attempting to produce life long learners.  In order to do that, we must first make a child comfortable coming to a library.


Christina Acceptable Use Policy for Computers

            Christina School District policy requires all students to have an acceptable use policy on file before use of school computers in the classroom, computer room or the library.  The responsible parent or guardian must sign these permission slips BEFORE students may use school computers.  Computer usage in the library is reserved for research purposes and OPAC usage only.  Misuse of school computers could result in the loss of all or part of computer privileges for all or part of the school year.  The forms may be obtained from the office, the computer teacher, or from the District Office at 83 E. Main Street, Newark, DE 19711.  Please click here.



        The library at Pulaski is designed to support student research into school related projects that will assist students and teachers in meeting the state content standards in all subject areas, and to encourage a love of reading by providing a wide variety of materials that will encourage students to build the reading habit.  All materials in the collection may be viewed here in the Online Public Access Catalog.



It is never too late to return that lost book.  If it should suddenly turn up, the school office is open all year long, Monday through Friday.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Can't find your book?  Look under your bed, in the back of the closet, under the couch, behind the curtains... think of the craziest place in the world that it might be, and then look there.  If it has a spine label, it belongs to the library!  Good luck!

Circulation Policy

            Each child may check out 2 books each week, or more often if they choose.  In order to be fair, the student may check out only one book at a time from a series or on a given topic.  Classroom teachers often have students researching the same topics and we try to have enough books to go around. 

            Please be aware that if your child takes out a book and either loses it or damages it, the school district requires that the book be paid for.  This can affect whether or not your child receives a report card.  All library obligations must be settled before the end of each marking period.  If your family is in a state of economic hardship, arrangements can be made for the child to work off the cost of the book.  Removing the spine label or the barcodes count as damaging the book.  A fee will be assessed if the book is returned without them. 

If the book is accidentally damaged, please return it to the library as soon as possible so that it can be properly mended.  It is the responsibility of the student to immediately inform the librarian if they check out a book that was damaged by another student.  We can only track the book back to the previous user.  If a book is merely overdue, we do not charge late fees, but in all fairness to the other children, please make sure that the book is returned as soon as your child is finished reading it. 



           Students may always check out a book during their scheduled library period.  In addition, there is Open Library every morning except Friday, from 8:20-8:45. 




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