The Road to Revolution:
 America's Fight for Freedom
A WebQuest for 5th Grade Social Studies 
"I only regret that I have but
 one life to lose for my country."

21 year old Nathan Hale's words just before he was hung
 for spying on the British.

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"Give me liberty or give me death!" shouted Patrick Henry. What profound words those turned out to be, taken seriously by many.  Can you comprehend how many lives were sacrificed so you can enjoy the liberties you so enjoy today?  The Road to Revolution WebQuest will take you on a journey to find out how our country fought for and paid dearly for the freedoms that are now guaranteed in our constitution.  So put on your knickers, dust off your three-corner hat, and get ready to become a rebel!

You  will research an event from the revolutionary war time period and create a PowerPoint presentation to share the facts in a way to show the historical significance and impact of this event on our life today.


 1. Choose one of the following pre-revolutionary or revolutionary war events.




1. The Boston Tea Party
2. The Boston Massacre
3. The Stamp Act
4. The Declaration of Independence
5. The Battle at Lexington and Concord
6. The Hanging of Nathan Hale
7. Washington Crossing the Delaware
8.  Valley Forge
9.  France's Role in the Revolution
10. Native Americans in the War
11. The American Navy
12. Slaves in the Revolution
13. Women in the Revolution
14. The Peace Treaty

2.  Use the web (links are given below) to collect information on your event.   Answer the questions on the questions worksheet (print it out) as you research, this will aid in your notetaking. Questions Worksheet


Some Links to Use for Research
These are just a few good sites.  Use the online encyclopedia or one of the kids search engines for more information.

Many events, good timeline

 The Declaration of Independence

Valley Forge details and pictures

The peace treaty, surrender at Yorktown

Search for people, groups of people (blacks, native Americans, etc), events, cities, battles on this excellent site full of pictures and articles

blacks in the war

Narrated PowerPoint of the Battles of Lexington and Concord

Hanging of Nathan Hale

 Women in the war

Native Americans in the war

the Stamp Act

Washington Crossing the Delaware




3.  Use your notes and worksheet as a base to build your presentation.  Make sure that all questions from the worksheet are covered in your presentation.

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The following matrix will be used to assess your work.


Bronze...3 pts
Silver...6 pts
Gold...10 pts
Information Some questions answered. All questions answered All questions answered and additional, pertinent information given  
Organization Organization is lacking Well organized Well organized with good supporting details  
PowerPoint Confusing, poor visuals Clearly presented with descriptive visual Very clearly presented with several descriptive, detailed visuals  

Total Score

Grading Scale
Below 12

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