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Software Titles

The following titles have been tested by the Christina School District Technology Office and are compatible with Windows 2000:

The following website, Kids on the Keyboard, offers descriptions and ratings for some of the more popular titles.  Consider the amount of “gaming” upon which the software relies.  Inclusion of authentic practice combined with engaging “drill and practice” is important.


Software Titles Provided by The Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory at Temple University

* Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Version 11 (by The Learning Company)

  Phone: 800-543-9778   Copyright: 2001    Price: $39.99   Platform: Win     Age range: 8-up


* Typing Instructor 11 Deluxe Edition (by Individual Software Inc.)

  Phone: 800-822-3522   Copyright: 2000    Price: $29.95     Platform: Win    Age range: 8-up


* Typing Tutor 10 (by Simon & Schuster Interactive)

  Phone: 888-793-9972   Copyright: 1999  Price: $29.95   Platform: Win/Mac (CD-ROM) Age range: 8-up


* Type to Learn & Type for Fun Value Pack (by Sunburst Communications, Inc.)

  Phone: 800-338-3457   Copyright: 2001    Price: $call     Platform: Win/Mac   Age range: 5-14


* Student Resource Advantage 2001  (by Encore Software)

  Phone: 800-507-1375   Copyright: 2000  Price: $39.99  Platform: Win/Mac (CD-ROM) Age range: 11-up

  [This is a six-CD set that includes: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing,

  Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, Deluxe Compton's 3D

  World Atlas, Compton's Encyclopedia 1999, Student

  Writing & Research Center and Computer Coach, and other resources]


Titles recommended through the ITUG Delaware listserv:





UltraKeys by Bytes for Learning



Background Information

Teaching Keyboarding: When? Why? How?

StudyWeb: Keyboarding Teaching Tips

Keyboarding Hotlist

Keyboarding Technique

Typing Software -- The Big Picture [from Superkids]

Keyboarding [from Education World]

North Carolina Keyboarding Skills Lesson Plans

COPY IT -- KEYBOARDING LESSON PLAN: (A bingo-type of activity has students practicing

keyboarding skills, particularly for numbers and special keys.)

ERASE IT -- KEYBOARDING LESSON PLAN: (Special keys are learned and practiced with this

"erasing" lesson.)

A CLUE FOR KEYBOARDING: (> This game of clues to key locations is played without keyboards, yet reinforces keyboarding skills neverthe-less.)

ELEMENTARY KEYBOARDING GUIDE: (Recommendations, competencies, activities, and more are

compiled in this keyboarding guide for elementary school classes.)

PAPER KEYBOARDS: (Keyboarding lessons and the when, how's, and why's of teaching it are hot topics. You can download this paper keyboard blackline for student practice--but why not adjust the size accordingly and attach one on each student's desk? They will soon become familiar with letter locations, which aids greatly in forwarding instruction in the lab for finger placement.)

Research Project

Keyboarding Instruction: Research, Synopsis, and Trends, January, 1999 update

Student Writing and Word Processing

Keyboarding Skill Matrix

Keyboarding Skills

Education World

Good Stuff

Political Ramifications


Orange masking skins:

Orange ones for assisting primary kids help find keys:

Black masking covers:

Several teacher-generated activities

Elementary Keyboarding Guide



Online Typing Tutors

Typing Master

Kids Domain Computer Connections: Learn to Type Online

An interesting On-line typing tutor [username: martec password: martec]:

Typing Pal