Classroom Rules and Regulations




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The following rules and regulations will ensure your academic success in my classes.

1.  No gum cracking, food eating or drinking in the classroom.

2.  No hats, scarves, or headbands are to be worn in the classroom. This applies to both males and females.

3.  Attendance is extremely important to successfully complete course objectives.  The responsibility for initiating make-up work and notes/information missed due to an excused absence rest with the student.  This process should begin immediately upon the students' return to school.

4.  Assignments missed due to a class cut (illegal absence) cannot be made up.  A zero (0) grade will be recorded for the assignment and averaged with the other recorded grades. All work must be  made up in Room 215.

5.  All production assignments submitted for grading must be completed in Room 215. No graded assignments can be started or completed at home. You have access to computers in Room 215 to complete your assignments.  You may also work during a study hall if  there is room in the classroom.  After school help will be available if needed.

6.  Upon entering the classroom area, students are reminded not to linger in the hallway or congregate at the door entrance waiting for the bell to ring.  Students  are to take their seats and prepare for the day's lesson to follow.  You are to leave your workstation tidy and prepared for the next class.

7.  All machines and equipment are to be used in accordance with their respective manuals and the expectations of the teacher and the administration. Do not change the setup, formatting, or the programming of the computer or the equipment used.  This includes changing the computer background, wallpaper, screen savers, etc.  Any acts of vandalism or unlawful changes will be investigated by administration.  You are responsible for any vandalism or damages (outside of normal wear and tear) to the equipment used during the class period.

8.  All members of the class must demonstrate RESPECT at ALL TIMES. 

9.  Teacher's absence is no excuse for a free period.  There is always something to do--advise and guide the substitute  when necessary.  Do not harass or disrespect the substitute.

10.  All handwritten work must be submitted using blue or black ink.  Do not write on the backs of papers.  Students are encouraged to maintain notebooks for all business classes.

11.  Students are NOT permitted to access the Internet unless it is part of class assignment for the day.  The Internet is a great tool to use when circumstances warrant it.  This includes checking e-mail, surfing the net, chat rooms, etc.  If you are caught on the Internet without permission you will be warned the first time, and infractions after that will result in a discipline referral.

12.  All graded work should be kept in the students individual folder found in the classroom.  You are not permitted to take the graded work out of the classroom without permission.

13.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  DO YOUR OWN WORK! Evidence of cheating will result in a zero grade being recorded with no opportunity to redo the assignment, or to have the grade removed from the records.  Cheating consists of copying someone's work and putting your name on the assignment, taking someone's computer disk and copying to your disk, giving approval for someone to use your disk, etc.  You are never to have possession of someone else's computer disk.  The zero will be recorded for ALL STUDENTS involved in the cheating episode.  A discipline referral will also be submitted to administration.

14. ONLY printed work (Hard Copy) will be graded.  Lost files or damaged files must be rekeyed for grading purposes.

15.  Do not bring MP3 players, head  phones, walkmans, or cell phones or any other electronic device into the classroom.

16. You must remain in your seats for the duration of the class period.  Do not stand by the classroom door waiting for the class to be dismissed.

17.  Familiarize yourself with the school's late policy.  It will be strictly enforced.

18.  No games on the computer.  You can better use your time on the computer with designated programs available such as the typing tutor, Integrated Math, Microsoft Publisher, etc.

19.  Christina School District's grading scale will be utilized.

20.  All graded assignments must be saved on YOUR floppy disk designated for your business class. You will be issued a  3.5 floppy disk for saving your assignments.  This disk must remain in the classroom at all times.  Your lost or misplaced disk will have to be replaced by YOU.  Your disk will remain in the classroom.  Only assignments saved on the floppy disk will be graded.  This disk is used for my classes only.  Do not use your computer disk for another teacher's class and/or assignments.